Burning hot dumpling demo
Jul 2014

asulia blog burning hot benny dumpling demo

One of the fun things we get to do at Asulia is to demo and give out dumpling samples at stores and events. We meet people of all ages. We hear stories. Sometimes people give us things, like poems (true story). We also meet furry friends too, like Benny pictured here at Whole Foods Lynnfield. Isn’t he adorable? I can attest that he has a fluffy soft coat.

And sometimes, the unexpected happens.

The other week, we were at an outdoor summer block party at Whole Foods South Weymouth. As a vendor, we’re asked to bring everything we need to demo. This includes a table, table cloth, cooking equipment, samples, cooler to keep our handcrafted dumplings cool, and more. We were ready.

The sun was out, the grill was on, and all we needed was some electricity for our toaster oven to heat up our fusion dumplings. Simple, right? We’ve done this a hundred times. It’s usually fairly straight forward to run an extension cord, but for this setup, there wasn’t a power strip to divide the electric current for multiple vendors to use. We couldn’t use our toaster oven! Instead, the store kindly let us borrow a gas-powered cooktop. I love cooking with gas stoves!

asulia blog burning hot

Photo courtesy of HuffPost

Things were going great. But, as we were setting up, the gas cartridge slipped and all of a sudden, the cooktop, table, and tablecloth lit up blazing in flames! The store marketing team leader came dashing over with a fire extinguisher. He said he’d never run that fast before. We think he should try out for the Olympic sprint team! Gold all the way Wayne. Thankfully, the fire was put out immediately, and no one was hurt. Post flare up, we used the grill that had a better controlled heat source to continue our sampling.

A huge shout out to the team members at WF South Weymouth for handling the fire situation so well as we went up in smoke!

Just when we think we’ve seen it all at demos, something else surprises us!

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