command lines
May 2013

I never thought I’d be programming anything on my computer. It all started because the nutrition software I’m familiar with didn’t seem to suit the needs of the labels I need to make. I’ve contact some food labs, but I went online to see what I could find. Long story short, I came across open software programs that I want to test out. Luckily, a friend of mine used to work in the industry and when he couldn’t get remote access to my computer I became the default. I found myself entering commands in terminal today. I can fully say now that it’s not a fit for me.

I’m finally starting to see quotes from printers trickle in. It’s pricey to say the least when you’re just starting out. I’m trying to decide how to go about this dilemma. I don’t want to end up with boxes extra boxes I won’t use during the first run. There will be changes as I’ve been told by nearly every entrepreneur in the industry when we chat about packaging. Print a small quantity.

Every morning I wake up instantly thinking about all the things that need to done. Nutrition labels still need to be made, packaging design needs to be finalized, our permanent website needs to be completed, the blog needs to become active, run a large scale test batch and more…