Connecting for Change and YouthTrade
Oct 2013

asulia blog connecting for change and youthtrade 1
My mother and I at Connecting for Change on a cold morning last week in New Bedford.

asulia blog connecting for change and youthtrade 2
Some of the awesome buying team members from Whole Foods Market and YouthTrade team.

Last week, I packed up our veggies and dumplings and headed out to New Bedford for the Connecting for Change conference, an annual event by the Marion Institute. It’s a great conference that brings together people who work in social justice, food, health, green business, women and youth empowerment and sustainability. People who want to change our world. It’s a great fit for Asulia’s values.

It was also fun because my mother came along. She was so excited to be able to help sample dumplings!

While we were there, we also participated in our first YouthTrade show with Whole Foods Market “WFM”. First, I can’t say enough how much I love WFM to begin with. I’ve only grown more fond of the company over the course of this last year as we’ve started our partnership together. Seriously, what’s not to love? Amazing team members that care about our community, animal welfare, planet, and oh, yummy food! The entire WFM team is a joy to work with and I’m beyond ecstatic and grateful for their support in this launch process! If you haven’t heard already, they are implementing a new produce rating system.

Our electric cook top stopped working after a few hours. Perhaps the cold got the best of it? Luckily, one of our volunteers was there to make a run to the store to pick up an emergency toaster oven so we could continue to heat up our dumplings. A huge shout out to Greg L. for his support last week. You rock!