Foodie Boot Camp
Dec 2012

Earlier in the month, I attended a three-day foodie boot camp, the Natural Products Consulting seminar on Sales, Marketing, and Finance. It was rather eye opening to learn about how distributors work and other details that I’m glad I’m learning early on. Although I’ve scoured the library for resources, the breath of material that was covered and the ability to meet other foodie entrepreneurs was invaluable.

It has been a steep learning curve, but one thing’s for sure, it takes money to make money. Many new foodie entrepreneurs I’ve met are already on the market. Yet, since they are under $1 million in revenue, which means it’s challenging to raise capital. I get it, it’s a risky business. However there’s a huge funding cap. I’m still in development phase, but can already see how having limited capital will curtain my chances of success even with awesome products.

I was rather disappointed by a branding consultant that I was excited to work with this week. This person always missed scheduled calls and never followed up. Follow up is important! I found a work around to the reason why I thought about getting consulting help though. Free online courses are awesome! I’m going to start a course called Listening to the Consumer from MIT Open Courseware. Although it was taught years ago, the content is just as relevant when it was first presented. Since the New Year is right around the corner, one of my new year’s resolutions for 2013 is become better organized and create more structure for myself. I’m thinking a restructured day would look like this…

  • Work-out
  • Veggie/fruit smoothie for breakfast
  • Set-up 1-2 meeting with other foodie entrepreneurs per week
  • Read through one case study/article i.e. innovation, sales, marketing etc…
  • Work