Happy Earth Day!
Apr 2014

asulia blog happy earth day

Happy Earth Day friends! Today, I’m thinking about how I impact world with the choices I make. We have one earth that we share with about 7.2 billion people! Let’s take care of the planet to ensure future generations will be able to experience the wonders of nature.

At Asulia, our boxes are printed using certified wind power on Rainforest Alliance approved paper. We worked hard to find a printer that is eco-friendly.

I grew up with an eco-friendly mother. There simply weren’t enough resources to go around most of her life, so she did the best she could. Sweaters were unknitted and re-knitted to create a new sweater and fabric from worn out clothing was turned into new garments. Anything that could be reused, was. The lessons I’ve learned from my mother have impacted my decisions with Asulia and my daily life.

Above are ways to upcycle your food scraps. Below are just 5 simple ways to greenify your everyday life. If you’re looking for even more ideas, 50 Ways to Help the Planet has great tips!

  1. Buy ingredients in the bulk section to reduce packaging waste.
  2. Stop buying plastic water bottles. Carry a lightweight stainless steel bottle with you so you always have water.
  3. Reuse glass jars when possible from pasta sauces, pickles, etc. for storing your lunch, leftovers and more.
  4. Host a clothing swap. Your closet, friends and wallet will thank you. We all have clothes we seldom wear or have never worn!
  5. Save magazines for book scrapping and to make your own cards. This past Easter, I made a card entirely from a magazine, including the envelope.

Let’s make some changes together today and show the earth how much love we have! We’d love to hear from you. Follow Asulia on Facebook and Twitter to share how you’re helping the planet!