if the box fits
Apr 2013

Shopping for the right food packaging is like shopping for new jeans. There are so many options to choose from. What these dumplings need is to find the right fit, comfort and look. CCKB or KB, CMYK or PMS? Printed or stickers? Window or no window? Reverse tuck, straight tuck, standard folding, clam shell, and more… Then there’s pricing. Unlike buying the perfect pair of jeans, which is a one-time cost, the right packaging is not. It’s a per box expense. Yes, economies of scale will bring down the cost, but when you’re starting out you don’t need gazillions of boxes. Most printers out there will print small quantities, but it’s super pricey so the alternative is to sticker in the beginning or you can decide not to print photography. I love looking at the Dieline for inspiration.