Lego my Logo
Feb 2013

Round 5 of logo work today. I’m a bit of font nerd and in love with design. Creating the right look for the brand makes me smile ear to ear. I want it to show personality with simplicity. Looking back I should have listened to my instincts when I first started working on the logo months ago. It just didn’t feel right and after meeting my current designer by chance, she could sense this. I think I’ve seen a few hundred logo options at this point, from using 99designs, to working with two different graphic designers.

My mom and I both have birthdays close to each other. I’m looking forward to celebrating with her this week.

I finally used a gift certificate from Christmas for a massage this morning. I left smelling like a hippie but that was my own doing. Years ago when I was asked what scent I wanted at an Aveda spa, I couldn’t decide between two choices that I liked so I blended the two. Ever since it’s always peppermint and patchouli mixed together. I know what you’re thinking, “is she crazy, it probably smells awful”. Actually, it works well if you think patchouli smells too strong alone like I do. The peppermint mellows out the warmth of patchouli. I don’t use patchouli-scented products normally though.

I took a hip hop yoga class at Back Bay Yoga. At the end of class, the instructor played On the Nature of Daylight from the soundtrack of Shutter Island. I teared up. It made me reflect on this season of transition of my life and how thankful I am. Namaste