meet sue

I’ve always loved cooking in the kitchen with my mom and hearing stories from her life. I believe that food brings people together and connects us, regardless of where we’re from. After a lay-off from corporate America, I decided to pursue my dream career in specialty food. I also decided that I wanted to help girls in developing countries.

Why? My mom was abandoned when she was a young girl in the 1950’s. Girls were not valued. Left to raise herself with no access to education or proper nutrition, she managed to overcome incredibly challenging circumstances and made a life for herself.  She rescued me from human traffickers and we became a family and built a life together. [more]

I am committed to helping girls around the world who are not as fortunate as I am.

Education is the most powerful way to help, so a portion of all Asulia’s profits supports girls education in developing countries. I invite you to join me in this mission and to be part of a brand that stands not only for plant based foods, but love, compassion, humility, kindness and hope.

Together we can ensure more people eat healthier and send more girls go to school. Together, we make sure there will be more stories like mine to share. Will you join me?

You can find more about my story as well as writings on women, girls, startups and food on my HuffPost page.

sue’s food philosophy

I love all vegetables of all kinds and eat a mainly plant-based diet, close to the ground and free of things that require a dictionary to understand. I love garlic and put hot sauce on almost everything!

Sue Liang
Founder & CEO