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Campbell: the test, not the soup.

Organizing things today. After relocating some of my stuff, I needed to rearrange and try to purge. In the midst of all the boxes, I found the results of the Campbell skills and interest test I took years ago. Perhaps I should have taken the advice of the test eight years ago! I was advised to go into fashion or food, but to avoid computer programming. Although, I didn’t follow a career that the exam suggested. I did bypass a career in computer programming as recommended!

Happy 2013

Hello 2013!  I’ve been moving things from a friend’s apartment into a friend’s basement for storage. I went to a local supermarket  today to pick up boxes. They were gracious to not only let me pick my boxes but during the time I was there at least 2-3 of the employees came over to help me.

I’ve been spending the evening doing more research. Still left to do, pick a name, get the green light from a formal trademark search, pick and file a legal entity for the company. If I’m going to raise funds investors prefer corporations since LLC’s and sole proprietors entities do not have shares or stock certificates to offer.

I ended up editing an NDA that got help from a lawyer friend, literally a step-by-step guide on how to change the language to suit what I need for trade secret protection for my recipes. My previous experience of reading legal jargon in partnership agreements, dissolutions is coming to a full circle today.

Tomorrow I’ll be prepping for my friend’s Christmas party. I’ll be making my dumplings as appetizers.