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Asulia at Whole Foods Charles River Plaza

I love living in The Bean. One of the things that I love about Boston is how accessible everything is, including grocery shopping. Off the red line at MGH, Whole Foods Charles River Plaza is one of the best locations to get everything you need.

I’m ecstatic that Asulia’s taro root, kale and chick pea dumplings are now available in the freezer aisle at Charles River Plaza Whole Foods!

When I used to work in the financial district, I would walk to Whole Foods Charles River Plaza at lunch time to pick up lunch and or groceries for my newest kitchen adventure. It was a treat to get out and escape from work and the gym, where I was indoors in a basement doing yoga. A lovely, well-lit studio, but I preferred shopping and lunching at Whole Foods instead!

In the past, when I didn’t know what to do with my vegetable obsession (#vod), I’d go to my happy place — the produce section — for inspiration and dream of a day I could make a career in food. Well, I’m happy and humbled to see it come full circle.

Thank you for your continued support. We have added lots of new stores to the list and we have some fun event coming up. Come say hi!

Get Dumplings at Formaggio Kitchen, South End Boston

Great News!  Starting 11/20/13 11/19/13 Asulia dumplings will be available for sale in the freezer section at Boston’s Formaggio Kitchen South End!

We’re so excited – this is our first store!

Just in time for Thanksgiving, our dumplings make great appetizers to compliment your feast with friends and family. Pair with Comté, our favorite cheese at Formaggio, for a savory treat that will delight your guests.

We’re ecstatic that you will be able to buy our taro root and chickpea dumplings from one of Boston’s most beloved specialty food stores!

More store announcements to come soon.

Wellesley Shuttle

This actually happened last week. I was waiting for the bus in Back Bay when a girl asked me if I was waiting for the Wellesley shuttle. I almost said yes, but I didn’t. It made my evening though! I used to be offended when people thought I looked younger than my actual age, but now it’s a compliment.

The night of the Taste of the Nation, I was waiting for the bus. I struck up a conversation with a young girl and again, she thought I looked much younger. Maybe it’s something to do with bus stops? More importantly, we had a great conversation about what she was going through as a senior in college. She’s trying to decide how to spend her time immediately after graduation. Although she’d love to travel, her student loans will only be in a grace period for so long. Like me, she was raised by a single mom and feels a deep sense of responsibility to find a good job soon after graduation to support herself. We chatted about boys and more. All the topics we covered in a short period of time were all too familiar. While it seems stressful and daunting to her, it shall pass and she will make good decisions. I stressed the importance of taking risks and following her heart. I hope she felt encouraged and hopeful after we talked.

Love, Compassion, Kindness

This week our hometown of Boston became the talk of the world for the explosions that occurred on Monday at the Boston Marathon. I’m still in shock along with my fellow Bostonians. Why anyone would do this is unfathomable. On the day it happened, I was on my way to Copley Square with a friend. She and I took our time leaving our neighborhood. Had we left sooner, we might have been one of the ones hurt. My running shoes are from Marathon Sports. A friend of mine was working there at the time, but was not injured. Another friend of mine’s two co-workers were not as lucky. They were both injured and currently in surgery. My heart breaks not only for those injured in Boston, but also for our global community where explosions are just a routine fact of life.

In the mist of confusion, hurt, uncertainty, stress, chaos, and change in my life I have found refuge in my yoga practice. It soothes and comforts me in a way that I never knew was possible until I became a yogi. My practice is nurturing. When I first started yoga, I didn’t see why others were so crazy about it. I couldn’t be still. I did it because I liked the way my body felt afterwards. It wasn’t until some time later that the connection between my body and mind gelled together. For me, no other form of exercise does this.

I find myself needing consistent reminders of what’s important in life. I get caught with the day to day. Even though we are mission driven, it’s still easy to forget and worry about deadlines and etc… In reality we’re more productive when we take care of ourselves. If we don’t, we can’t help others.

Tonight was the Taste of the Nation, an event that gives back to the prevention of childhood hungry. I’ve volunteered the past few years and this was the first time food trucks were also on location. We took 26.2 seconds of silence to remember those on Marathon Monday.

Light pierces though darkness. Our soul is nurtured when we help others. Be kind to one another. Change is possible.

Moving day 1 of 2

Time to move again. A friend let mine loaned me their car to move some things. As I was running errands, I stopped by Russo’s and picked up some tindoras. Initially, I was going to cook them in a curry sauce, but I ended up sautéing the them with spicy Thai chilies and garlic instead.

Tindoras with toasted peptias over mixed rice, Pete and Gary’s egg. I thought the veggies would taste like cucumbers, they don’t. There’s a nice crunch and a bit of sweetness comes through.