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Asulia at Whole Foods Charles River Plaza

I love living in The Bean. One of the things that I love about Boston is how accessible everything is, including grocery shopping. Off the red line at MGH, Whole Foods Charles River Plaza is one of the best locations to get everything you need.

I’m ecstatic that Asulia’s taro root, kale and chick pea dumplings are now available in the freezer aisle at Charles River Plaza Whole Foods!

When I used to work in the financial district, I would walk to Whole Foods Charles River Plaza at lunch time to pick up lunch and or groceries for my newest kitchen adventure. It was a treat to get out and escape from work and the gym, where I was indoors in a basement doing yoga. A lovely, well-lit studio, but I preferred shopping and lunching at Whole Foods instead!

In the past, when I didn’t know what to do with my vegetable obsession (#vod), I’d go to my happy place — the produce section — for inspiration and dream of a day I could make a career in food. Well, I’m happy and humbled to see it come full circle.

Thank you for your continued support. We have added lots of new stores to the list and we have some fun event coming up. Come say hi!

Asulia in Whole Foods Dedham, MA


Today is a special day over one year in the making. Beginning on 12/10/2013, you’ll be able to buy Asulia chickpea, kale, and taro root dumplings at Whole Foods Market, Dedham, New England’s largest WFM store!

Over a year ago, I ventured into specialty food and could never imagine where this journey would lead me. I think back to last winter when I first contacted WF and started Asulia’s partnership with this amazing team of truly thoughtful and caring members of our community.

It all began with an in-store visit to sample the dumplings with some team members at WF. Back then, the dumplings were wrapped in a traditional wrapper and the recipes were different. We didn’t have packaging, a kitchen or a legal entity.

Today alone, I’ve been in contact with over ten team members at WF who have made it possible for Asulia to get on the shelf, including foragers, grocery, regional and marketing team members. Thank you Whole Foods for your support! I look forward to continuing the plans we have together.

I’ve always envisioned Asulia at WFM from the very beginning and I’m proud to partner with a store that has similar values as Asulia — to make our planet a better place and help our community eat healthier.

Hundreds of people have helped shape Asulia today. This includes our supporters at WF, other friends, family, Indiegogo supporters, volunteers, advisors and fellow foodie entrepreneurs. Thank you all.

Please look for our dumplings in Whole Foods. More locations coming soon!

I’m so thankful for this day. It’s an early Christmas present for Asulia :)

Happy Holidays!