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5 Reasons Why You Should Support Asulia

By supporting Asulia Foods, you’re saying you care about our community and planet.

1. You Believe in Conscious Capitalism
People, planet, then profit. Doing business the socially conscious way means you back mission-driven companies. Asulia is a conscious, mission-driven company. We create healthy globally infused foods, source as locally as possible, print our boxes using wind power, and give back to support causes like girl’s education.

2. You Support Local Businesses
It’s no secret our local Boston economy could use a boost. The unemployment rate was 7.3% as of August 2013.  Asulia is based in Boston, MA and our line of certified vegan dumplings are handmade locally. Your support will help us grow and create more jobs. In fact, youth unemployment in the MA is 2x the national average at about 14%! We’re a certified YouthTrade company, a company that is mission driven with a founder under 35 year old, so your support gives opportunities to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

3. You want more healthy food options
We all know eating more vegetables is good for our health but it can be challenging to incorporate them into our busy everyday lives. Helping us get our tasty,nutrient dense, high fiber, low calorie dumplings on the shelf means you’re also saying you want more options to share with your friends and family.

4. You support girls’ education
We have the solution to address global poverty, gendercide, human trafficking, and more. Education changes lives it’s changed mine and it can do the same for the millions of girls around the world. Let’s say yes to education and girl power. If India alone enrolled 1% more girls in secondary school, their GDP would increase by $5.5 billion. It’s not just about feeling good and sending girls to school, it’s also about our global economy. You can make a lasting difference by simply choosing to support brands that are mission driven.

5. You love dumplings
Really, who doesn’t love dumplings? Almost every culture has its own variation of a dumpling from a periogi, empanada, and ravioli just to name a few. We can’t wait to add Asulia dumplings to NPR’s global dumpling list.

Lights, camera, crowdsource funding

Crowdsource funding has helped launch a lot of cool projects. With so many options, where and how do you decide which platform to use? A breakdown of the top sites as well as helpful tips will help you determine the best fit for your project.  I was at an event recently about this topic. Some  things I didn’t consider was accounting for taxes as well as the level of support I’m seeking for my upcoming campaign. It was nice to not only learn more about Indiegogo, but I was also able to directly talk with one of their leads. Unlike other platforms, they will give you feedback and offer guidance to help you make your campaign successful. Others are more hands off. It really depends on what type of project you have since it’s best to go where your audience is most likely to be.

From Kickstarter’s stats, those with a video have higher rate of success than those without 50% vs. 30%. Make a video! It doesn’t have to be fancy.  People need to be able to hear what you’re saying. This is why home video cameras are not that great. If you already have some type of gear to film with, figure out if you can attach a mic to it.  Music is nice, but not necessary. It was fun to pick out some jams for Asulia on Soundcloud that we might use in the video though!

Besides being obsessed with getting people to eat their veggies, I’m also obsessed with how things look. Luckily Morning Fog Film set me up with a lighting plan.  I rented all my equipment from Rule Boston Camera and had friends help me shoot the footage.  Andrew at Rule was awesome!  He was extremely patient as I asked tons of questions. We spent hours preparing for the shoot. I never thought a short video would entail so much time or that I would be learning about film!  Scouting veggies once again, renting equipment, picking up an emergency hot roller kit, and more. On the day of, I was frantically spraying hairspray but it wasn’t working. I kept spraying anyway. When I unpacked the next day, I found out it was dry shampoo! No wonder it wasn’t holding. Hopefully, my hair doesn’t look white in the footage.

In the evening, I made a gluten free kimchi quesadilla.
two brown rice tortillas
1 cup charred romaine lettuce
1 cup kimchi
1/3 cup of aged white cheddar
2 tbs sriracha

On high heat, charr romaine lettuce on a grill or skillet.  Adjust to low heat, place 1 tortilla in a pan with half the cheese. Layer romaine, kimchi, sriracha, and remaining cheese. Flip the tortilla over until the cheese has melted and both sides have browned.