Thanks Sarah – one of our amazing volunteers!
Nov 2013

asulia-blog thanks sarah of our amazing volunteers

Sarah H. came to us via Linkedin when we were looking for an intern to help out with marketing. She was searching for the right place that aligned with her love of healthy eating and her values. Sarah has been a lifesaver, largely because she has over 10 years of marketing experience! Not your average intern, but a volunteer marketer. Her positive “go do” attitude is energizing.

I want to acknowledge her commitment to Asulia and her support of me. It’s meant so much that someone with such a breadth of experience was willing to get involved with a startup, where the needs are for more than just marketing. As we round out November, Sarah’s time with Asulia will end. After turkey day, you’ll find Sarah with our friends at Whole Foods teaching our community members how to cook healthy. We’ll miss her.

Asulia is always looking for mission minded interns and volunteers like Sarah. As we grow, I look forward to hiring part time and full time positions. If you’re curious about what’s it’s like at Asulia, here’s Sarah’s take in her own words. “Be ready to be inspired and make a difference when you work with Asulia Foods. You work closely with Sue Liang, the founder, the community, other volunteers, and the advisory board. It’s fast paced, rewarding, and never a dull moment! Asulia is in launch mode with endless opportunities to make a difference and develop new skills. Sue’s drive and leadership is propelling Asulia to reach early goals to bring success to the company. I love working with Sue and being a part of such an exciting and important time!’

To learn more about how to you can get involved with Asulia, please contact us here!