The habit of giving
Nov 2013

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The act of giving has always been a thread in my life. I’m a firm believer that you should give what you have and not wait. The most generous people are not always the wealthiest. In fact, the majority of donations made to NGO’s in the US come not from the east or west coast where there’s typically more wealth and education, but they come from southeast and south-central america.

While there’s no doubt that high impact investing and donations matter, the simple act of regular giving can add up over time. It also forms a habit. Often, people say they will give when they are more wealthy and volunteer when they have time, but how many actually follow through? I truly believe people have the best intentions, but fall short simply because it’s not a formed habit.

Asulia is about helping our community eat healthier. We’re also about sending more girls to school. We’re giving what we can now, even though we’re in startup mode, and not yet making a profit. As promised, a portion of funds raised from our Indiegogo crowdsource funding campaign would be donated to Room to Read . So we’ve donating $325, which is 5% after fees were deducted from our campaign.

It’s not just about money. Do something nice for someone today! Open a door, compliment someone on their sweater, make a cup of coffee for someone, or make a commitment to start giving more regularly, whether that’s time or money.