Veggies working it
Jan 2013

Photo shoot day! It was rather odd to be scouting attractive veggies at the grocery store. When it came time to ring up my items, the guy bagging groceries started bending the greens on the carrots. He nearly gave me a heart attack! I said “whoa, can you please not bend the greens on the carrots, they will photographed this afternoon.”

Yesterday, I took a trip to a local art supply store to pick up a roll of white paper for the background. I ended up buying a yard of canvas as well because I thought the white paper was too transparent. In the end we didn’t need the canvas since the lighting was so bright. The pretty linen paper on the walls caught my eye and I took at some options, but decided I wanted to keep the look simple, clean, and about the ingredients.

I have been debating on whether to use photography and or illustrations for packaging. Seeing the ingredients and dumplings captured exactly how I envisioned the photos to look made me smile ear to ear. No illustrations at this point. I’m trilled about the photos today! Even if the direction of how I styled my food photography was off. I loved every minute of the process! What I thought would only take a 2-3 hours took about 7 hours of work which didn’t include the trip to art store, going to two different grocery stores to scout veggie and commuting to my photographer.

I’m a lucky gal to have talented friends. Many thanks and shout out to my friend and photographer, at Graham Winslow Photography.