Wellesley Shuttle
Apr 2013

This actually happened last week. I was waiting for the bus in Back Bay when a girl asked me if I was waiting for the Wellesley shuttle. I almost said yes, but I didn’t. It made my evening though! I used to be offended when people thought I looked younger than my actual age, but now it’s a compliment.

The night of the Taste of the Nation, I was waiting for the bus. I struck up a conversation with a young girl and again, she thought I looked much younger. Maybe it’s something to do with bus stops? More importantly, we had a great conversation about what she was going through as a senior in college. She’s trying to decide how to spend her time immediately after graduation. Although she’d love to travel, her student loans will only be in a grace period for so long. Like me, she was raised by a single mom and feels a deep sense of responsibility to find a good job soon after graduation to support herself. We chatted about boys and more. All the topics we covered in a short period of time were all too familiar. While it seems stressful and daunting to her, it shall pass and she will make good decisions. I stressed the importance of taking risks and following her heart. I hope she felt encouraged and hopeful after we talked.