Why Room to Read
Nov 2013

It’s always been in Asulia’s DNA to give back to girls’ education. When I first began this startup journey, I was searching for an NGO that was not only impactful, but ran it’s operation like a for profit business for maximum results.

In the fall of 2012, I watched the documentary Half the Sky and was immediately impressed with the work Room to Read “RtR’ does around the world. For the last six years, RtR has received Charity Navigator’s highest four star rating, which is an honor given to less than 2% of U.S. charities. The founder, John Woods is not only a person of great character and a lot of heart, but also a savvy business professional. Woods left his high paying job at Microsoft after a backpacking trip to Nepal changed his outlook and perspective on life. He saw how desperate and immediate the need for education is. Woods is a great example of how one single person deciding to take action can make a difference.

RtR works with local governments to build libraries and schools together. As a result, the community is more invested and not solely dependent on RtR. It’s a collaborative effort from the start with all parties involved.

I’ve had the chance to meet Woods in person and hear him speak, which by the way, I highly recommend. He’s an awesome speaker and the passion he has is so apparent.

Asulia is joyful and proud to support RtR amazing work by giving back 5% of our profits to help lift millions out of poverty and change lives in just one generation. Eduction changes lives, it’s changed ours.